Delivery Information

Useful Delivery Notes

Each individual building has it own unique problems depending on the buildings size, weight, shape and your location?

Location it self is a major isue as it is is simply not practical to quote an all inclusive price on every building for the following reasons. Say a 5m x 4m 70mm Cabin delivery to Birmingham which is approx 100 miles from Liverpool will cost a certain price , so we can not be expected to charge the same for a delivery to say the Highlands of Scotland - Aberdeen which is a 9 hour drive in the fastest truck plus around £600 in fule there and back . So as you can see in certain cases some buildings WILL cost you more than the screen price .

We make nothing out of our extra transport changes - only covering what it costs .

These buildings are not some small parcel you have just ordered of amazon with next day delivery ! They are very heavy and bulky .

For example a 5m x 4m 70mm Cabin will weigh in at around 3 ton ( 3000Kg ) 

We do offer free delivery but this is only on our smaller , lighter buildings and is included within a 200 mile radius of our Liverpool Hub . It is not possible to fully quote unless we have your full postcode .

We can then work out the traveling distance in conjunction with the overall weight and size of that building.


Kerb Side Delivery

Prices quoted on this web site are based on a "kerb side "delivery only. By this we mean our delivery driver will remove the timber logs, sections, doors and windows and place them at the nearst piont on the foot path or imidatly in your drive way .

We have NOT priced for our staff to carry the building to the rear of your property in the price you have been quoted either on the site or via any prices you may have recived by email .

If you require the building to be carried to the rear of your property or thought the house then you will need to provide us with images of the acsess so we can asess what will be required to complete this task . What we mean by this is do we need to send and extra member of staff to assit with the longer walk involved ? If so this will all cost you extra money and will be priced on an indevidual basis . It is NOT included in our prices.

If you have any special requirements or believe access to your address may be difficult for our delivery driver please contact us. If a refuge vehicle can gain access then generally our delivery lorry should be able to but if in doubt please get in touch with us. If you feel you may be located in such an area please call to check prior to ordering. 

Additional Delivery Information Q and A

Q. Do I have to do anything to take delivery of a building? 

A. All you have to do is ensure that the building can be left in a convenient area free from debris. We recommend that panel sizes are checked to allow access through archways and doors. Doors or Arches will restriict acsess, this is no our isue if you are erecting the building your self but will be of concern if you require use our fitting service as this will entail our fiitter cattying the sections to site.

If your site has poor or restricted acsess then there WILL be an additional charge to cover either extra labour or time caused due to this acsess isue.

Q. How do i Pay 

A. You will be expected to pay a 50% deposite of the buildings total value when you place order  - but not including any fitting charges ( if we are fitting as this is paid direct to the self emplyed fitters) 

You will recive a set of plans with in 7 to 14 days , which you need to sign and agree they are correct before tha cabin goes into production .

You will then be given an approx delivery date see below .

The blance will then be payable once it has landed in the UK . No goods will be released with cleared funds being recived. 

Q. When should I expect to hear when my delivery will be? 

A. Our ordering process will normally take between 4 to 6 weeks depending on time of year . The process will involve a number of email back and forth the final one being a set of plans which you will need to view and agree that all the dimentions and design is correct. Our delivery team aim to contact you a few days before the date of delivery. We kindly ask that you please do not call the team prior to this time frame. Please email any enquires at any stage.

Q. Can I request a particular date for delivery?

A. We can put in requested dates for you however they are only requested and cannot be guaranteed, we would normally call to confirm a few days before once we know the building is in the Uk and ready.

Q. Can I request a certain time for delivery? 

A. Our deliveries are classed as all day, between the hours of 7am to 7pm. However, Our Delivery Team can request the driver to contact you on the day of delivery to give you an estimated time of their arrival but this is purely an estimate as we cannot accommodate unforeseen circumstances.  Traffic / Breakdowns and teh likes all of which are beyound human control.

Q. Can I hold the delivery if I’m not ready? 

A. We can defer your delivery date; however stock allocation is not customer specific and as a result we cannot guarantee deferred order availability at all times. 

Q. Do I need to be there? 

A. You do not have to be present at time of delivery; however, we would require written permission to deliver in your absence. This can be in the form of a fax, E-mail or a signed note left on the day for the driver to confirm delivery in your absence. Please note you must sign the note as this will be treated as a signature for delivery. Please note we will not be liable for any theft or damage if the goods have been left no matter what.

Q. Will the driver take the building through my property? 

A. No. Our drivers are not insured to enter your property with a building , unless you sign a insurance waiver form agreeing you take FULL responsibility for any damage caused. This has now been put into force due to people making faulse claimns that we have damaged their property . You must understand that most of the timber sections are very heavy and bulky so it will NOT be possable to gaurentee some of these large bulky timber will not come into contact with your walls , doors and the likes .

The other option you have is to carry the buidling through your self to ensure you have no isues 

Q. Will the driver need any help? 

A. Our drivers will not normally ask for any help to off load your building , unless you have acsess  isues and our truck can not park directly out side your propery . If you live in restriced parking zone , such as innner London . You the buyer will be respomncable to obtain any permits or licences required to of load in your area NOT us. Any fines they recive will be paid by YOU the clinet as we are no invisible to trafic and parking cameras

Q. What size lorry will my building arrive on? 

A. We operate 3.5t vans, 7.5 ton and 17 ton vehicles - your building could arrive on any of these dependants on area of the country and time of year. We need to be informed of any access issues at your point of order so we can ensure your delivery will arrive without any problems.

Q. Do you deliver to the offshore Islands?

A. If your delivery is to an offshore island; Channel Islands, Orkney's or the Isle of Man. Deliveries can only be made to the nearest carrier company at port (it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange onward delivery). We need to be aware of both the carrier company and also the forwarding address for the delivery to be made. We do deliver to Ireland, Isle of Wight and the Isle of Skye directly (at an additional cost, please see guidelines above) Port postcodes stated are except from normal postcode charges. If the delivery is to a port then the Port drop only charge must be added to your delivery cost. 

Q. Can the garden building be delivered during a weekend? 

A. In most circumstances we do not deliver at weekends unless you are preapared to pay an additional fee , which will be agreed subject to your location and size of building . 

Q. Can I order delivery to a different name or address? 

A. Yes you can once we have recived full payment. You will need to inform us in writing via a adated email that you have used during the initial correspondence . No instructions will be taken from email address you have not previously used .