Frequently Asked Questions

What Sort of Timber do you Use?

Our most popular Log Cabins are all made from Siberian Soft Wood. This timber is slow grown and suits the UK climate. All our timber is kiln dried to 15% - 18% moisture content which allows us to machine to the required profile. Then if well treated it will last a life time.

Do You Garentee The Timber

The simple answer to this is No !

Why? As Timber is a Naturally occurring product it is beyond most human control unless very expensive process such as laminating is carried out.

You can in real terms at least double the price of an equivalent size and style Log Cabin if you require this sort of engineered timber product

As with any thing in life you only get what you pay for !

Soft Wood Timbers

Are prone to some or all of the following conditions - Shrinking, Warping, Cracking, Shakes, Splits, Twisting, Knot Holes. This May or May NOT happen as once again we point out ALL soft wood timbers even after they have been Kiln Dried COULD be liable to the above issues.

None of which should effect the structrial integrity of the Cabin and will simply be more of a decretive issue. These small issues can usually be resolved using modern wood fillers

Are your Log Cabins Treated

No - Our Log cabins are delivered to you as plain untreated timber and need treating ASAP after Installation. The reason for this is the logs are precision machined and would swell if treated and would prevent the logs from locking together during the fitting process.

It is therefore Critical that ASAP after erecting you treat the bare timbers with at least 2 coats of premium either Spirit or Silicon Based timber treatment , to stop any water penetration.

This treatment however will still not prevent any Naturally Occurring Timber Moments, although it may assist

Timber Floor Bearers

All our timber floor bearers are fully Pressure treated as these are not accesible after install. This is Included in the Cabin price.

Where does your Inclusive free delivery area cover?

Our Log Cabin Kits we deliver nationwide to mainland England / Scotland and Wales for free - generally within 230 miles of Liverpool L1 0AH however there will be an additional charge for areas like Inverness the Highlands and some more of the remote Areas in Wales and Cornwall.

Do you have an installation / erecting service

Yes we do. This is done at an extra charge and will be priced on an individual basis.

We do however have price GUIDES on this web site , we say price GUIDE as at this stage until we know all the factors such as access, how far the Cabin needs to be carried. What is the base like and many more factors.

So until you can provide much more info, please use the prices as a guidance only. The price is NOT likely to be less than the price quoted but IS likely to be more if more work and effort is required, but this will be set out in our final quote

How long from ordering to delivery

All Timber Workshops and Sheds are made in Liverpool most in stock but allow 7 / 14 for delivery and may be a bit longer during the busy months between April and October

All Promotional Log Cabins are stocked here in the UK and can be usualy be delivered within 7/14 days of cleared funds

All our other Log Cabins are made to order in our Lathuanian Factory so they are freshly made. Most of our Log Cabins take 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.

NO Gaurentee can be given for a delivery date due to issues beyound our control such as

Transport - Brake Downs - Traffic - Import Issues - Immagration Searches

Bespoke Log Cabins can take up to 8 weeks for delivery.

How Much Deposit Must I Pay

We require a minimum 50% depoite on any of our buildings. This does not include any fitting charges or base work as that is paid direct to the fitting teams. We only want 50% of the building and any roof covering at this stage.

Once this deposit has been cleared via the Banks, with a few days we will instruct the Mill to start the order. The first step is for the Mill to produce a set of plans for your Cabin. These Plans will then be emailed to your to check over and confirm in writing any changes you need. If you fail to confirm any changes via EMAIL ONLY - so they are dated and timed we will proceed on the understanding you are happy with the

Changing Your Order

Once we have sent your plans and we have not received a response to any changes you need via email within 7 days . The order can not be changed with out you paying additional fees to cover overheads the Mill will incour once production has started.There is a minimum charge of £250 but this could be increased depending on how much change your need and at what stage the production is at

Where are your Log Cabins from

Most of our Log Cabin Kits now come from the Baltic States (Lithuania)(Estonia) due to the lower labour costs - The Premium Ranges are made Holland

We do also manufacture our own Bull Dog Range here in the UK

So as you can see it will depend on which type / style and quality of Cab you go for as to where it is made

What kind of solid base do I need

A flat, solid, level base is required for any Timber Building . Sheds , Summer Houses, Timber Workshops this can come in various forms, concrete pad, concrete plinths, paved base, timber framed base, breeze blocks, decking, sleepers. and in certain case a gravel or stoned base.

>The base ideally should be at least 2 inches / 50mm above the surounding ground level to deter damp. Provision of damp proofing should be considered with all timber buildings but more so with a Log Cabin. 
Sheds / Workshops are much lighter buildings and as such do not require as strong a base.


Do Log Cabins come in sections / panels or Single Logs? 

The interlocking design of our log cabins means that they come in individual pieces in timbers from 28mm to 70mm thick and approx.. 150mm wide- wall boards, floor boards, roof boards - ready for immediate assembly. The maximum individual log length we produce is 5.9m long. So be prepared for some heavy lifting handling if you are considering fitting the log cabin on your own. Allow plenty of time and have a few spare hands ready just encase. 
This will not be your problem if you select our erecting service. But we will expect you to inform us of any jobs that are more than 50 meters from your front gate or that will include lots of steps or lifting over gates / fences or directly through your house, as an additional fee to cover time may have to be levied to cover the extra time required on site


Do your Log Cabins  come with roof coverings ?

All our Interlocking Log Cabin Kits come complete with 19mm Tongue and groove roof boards, they will however need a water tight finishing ie Felt, Shingles. We can provide you with a selecton of these products depending on the quaility of finsih you require or how much you are prepared to spend .
Our Sheds and Workshops come complete with Green Mineral roofing Felt and an option to upgrade to Felt Tile shingles or a Rubber Style Sheet EPDM offering a life time of free maintenance. 

The twin-skin Log Cabins have complete roof sections made for the cabin, internally they have a pre made 19mm finish and externally the roofs are covered with 28mm roof boards. 
What are your best Cabins 
We have found that more and more people are having bespoke style log cabins now days. The 44mm Clockhouse Log Cabin has always been one of the best sellers seller. The most popular selling range is the 44mm Log Cabins. 

The 44mm Premium Log Cabins are now the best selling building by far  we offer because as standard you are provided with the excellent tilt and turn double glazed windows. The wood thickness is solid and offers a good level of heat retention, and of course this is well within the grasps of most peoples budget. We have over 230 different models to choose from so there should be something for even the most discerning buyer. Even then if you are struggling to select a log cabin we can offer you a Bespoke made log cabin so you get the building you have always wanted. 


Will I need planning permission ?

Simply put No if it is under 2.5m total hight and less than 30 square meters in total floor space . 
There are a number of other factors that need taking into account but go to the link on our site with planning permission and it will direct you to the Local Planning Portal Web SIte. 


Can you Insulate a Log Cabin ? 

Yes we / you can - we can provide the very latest “Air-Tech” for between the floor joists and When doing the roof insulation we / you can either do this internally or externally depending on the level of finish you require inside your building ? 
If we do this internally we will cover the insulation with match boarding or ply type to give the same level of Finnish you would expect in one of our log cabins. Of course you have the option of a twin-skin / double walled log cabin that can be fully insulated in between the internal and external walls as well....this offers seriously good thermal values and is perfect for all year round living.

How long will my log cabin / timber building last

It all depends on whether you follow the care plan we give you when you purchase your timber building. If you regularly treat the building every two to three years with a good quality spirit based stain /preservative then it will last you a lifetime.

Don't try and be clever and buy cheap fencing grade timber treatments - Fencing does NOT have to be water proof does it ?