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UKLC-SR2050 4.0m x 9.0m

Product Code: SR2050
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Price: £6,499.00

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The UKLC-SR2050 4.0m x 9.0m (SR2050), one of UK Log Cabins quality log cabins. The UKLC-SR2050 4.0m x 9.0m is made from quality timbers with excellent impregnation. To view the different specifications click the specifications tab.

Log Cabin Overview
Width: 4000mm
Length: 9000mm
Height: 2800mm

Roof Thickness: 19mm
Floor Thickness: 28mm

Log Cabin Spec
Cabin Width 4.0m / 4000m
Cabin Depth 9.0m / 9000mm
Side Wall Height (34mm) 2100mm / (44mm +) 2125mm
Ridge Height (34mm) 2600mm / (44mm +) 2625mm
Minimum Base Width 3.82m / 3820mm
Minimum Base Depth 8.82m / 8820mm
Wall Profile 28mm / 34mm / 44mm / 70mm / 90mm / 34mm + 34mm / 44mm + 44mm
Door Sizes 2x 1930mm x 1410mm
Floor Thickness 28mm thick tongue and groove floor boards, Tantalized floor bearers included.
Roof Thickness 19mm thick tongue and groove roof boards.
Window Sizes 3x 1260mm x 710mm
Veranda 1500mm
Canopy 1500mm
Number Of Rooms 2
Illustration Notes Roof tiles are optional and are shown for illustration use only, unless otherwise stated.
Product Note Sizes, dimensions and specifications are indications only and should be checked on order confirmation, we reserve the right to alter or modify materials, sizes & dimensions to improve our quality, manufacturing and packing. So please check first before place an order.
Fitting Note Windows and doors are double glazed on all buildings with the wall profiles: 34mm / 44mm / 70mm / 90mm / 34mm + 34mm / 44mm + 44mm. All other buildings are supplied with single glazed doors and windows as standard.

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