Useful Information

Please read this information carfully as it will assist you in making the right decision when purchasing and maintaining your cabin 

Timber Grades

As we are all aware Timber is a natural prodcut and as such is beyond human control .

Due to its inherent nature there may be cases when timber will have one or all of the following isues occur !

  • Warping -





    Knot Holes-

    None of the above will effect the structural integrity of your cabin, but you need to be fully aware of these facts . 

    Please do not be alarmed at this as is not something new, it a centurys old isuue with fast growing timbers . The only real solution to this is to buy a much more expensive timber such a Cedar Wood or have the timber glue laminated . But you will be talking atleast 150% more expensive tha a soft wood cabin.

    This simple reason for these facts is timber is grown very quickly nowdays and replaced with many times more trees than are cut down to comply with European regulations.

    Most isues can be solved by using a good quaility timber filler or specailist wood glue that can be applied once the cabin has been erected .

    None of these issues will give you the right of claim or compensation as it a natural process

    If you have opted for our fitters to erect your building then they will always attenpt to do most of this remideail work befor they leave . But once again due to its inherent nature Timber will move and contract in its own time and there is nothing you or we can do about this naturily occurring event, beyond all human control.

    Unless you are prepare dot pay many times more money and buy a man made or engineered product - this is something will have to live with

    We are always on hand to offer you guidance and advise on any of the above issues

    If for what ever reason you feel you can not live we this facts then we strongly advise you do NOT purchace a softwood interlocking cabin from us or any supplier or be prepared to pay the extra money for a Glue Laminated or Cedar Wood .


    Treating Your Cabin

    All Cabins will require at least one coat of a spirit based ( not water based) treatment with the first few days of it being erected .

    We highly recomend the likes of cuprinol or thompsons water seal which both come in a clear colour , which will allow you to cover over with coluors of your choice at a letter stage .

    This first base coat is vital to the long term life of your cabin ! You will be required to email us evidance of this vital protection coat being applied with 7days of us suppliying your cabin . Falure to do so will null and void and warrentees  


    Staines and Bleeding Through

    When the cabin has been built as part of its natural process the timbers are likely to move and contract, so when you come to paint or treat the building it may be the case that some of that treatment may well what is called in the trade "bleed thought" the timbers .

    Obviously depending up on what type and colour of treatment you are using some of it my well leak into the inside of the cabin. This can be cleaned up by using a suitable solvant based cleaner or simply sanded away when dry .

    Once again our team can advise you on any of these isues at any stage , but is simply does boil down to using a bit of common sense.

    Acsess Issues

    Althought our staff are very help full there are times when certain clients expect us to do the impossable ! By this we mean lifting exstreamly heavy and bulky timbers over garage roofs or through restricted acsess !

    No of these are issues that can not be over come but may require extra staff to be sent to the job to assit . This of course will cost you extra money , so th eonise is on you the client to inform us in advance of any potentiual ascess isues . We are not mind readers nor do we have any idea most of the time how your property is set out so your assistance in this matter would be a great help allowing the whole process to run smoothly .

    If you are in doubt in any way simply contact us and we can talk you through the options avalable .