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Hi Just a quick message to say how pleased I am with the worked carried out by uklogcabinsforsale the team are a credit to your company,Worked very hard landscaping the garden before my concrete slab was poured.

I really didn’t realize just how much work was actually involved the hi-ab lorry turned up with 3 big flat packs on and I was horrified when they said yes there all for me,Daryl soon eased my mind when he said he would have this built in 3 days.

The building looks lovely and more importantly I have been watching the snow fall in my lovely warm cabin whilst I work,I would recommend uklogcabinsforsale to however is looking for that little bit extra when buying a cabin there service team worked very hard and cleaned all there mess before they showed me around.


All the best for the Future


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What is the best advice you would offer a new log home buyer?

What is the best advice you would offer a new log home buyer?

It is essential for a new log house buyer to understand exactly what they are getting into, from overall expense to construct to maintenance problems and expense as well as the typical ideas like spending plan, what’s most important, exactly what companies offer things you are looking for. It is necessary to do your research, pick five companies and narrow the list from there based upon their capacity to fulfill your demands and as always talk or meet with previous clients to ensure they could provide exactly what they state they can do for you. Pre-qualify with your financial institute, have them offer you a list of things they will need from the log residence company and contractor.

Make sure to contrast apples to apples as the rates comes back you may see a huge disparity within the pricing; that’s since some business sell log just package deals and some sell full material bundles and some sell partial product packages. Make sure you understand exactly what materials are provided and the grade and design as some companies deliver fundamental product as part of the plan, while this all sounds good consumers hardly ever use every little thing sent, or even worse case it’s all provided at the same time and ends up getting damaged, lost or taken in the past its needed. We do about 5 workshops per year that covers numerous of the crucial subjects geared to first time log house lovers.

On your internet site you talk about “Natures Armor”. Is this a new product and exactly what makes it different than various other spots? Is it unique to ?

Natures Armor is not a new business. It was begun long times ago by a chemist that possessed a wood sided home and was looking for an option to having his home re-stained every two years. He started research and formulation taking seven years to come up with what is now called Natures Armor. He did not promote or advertise his item but word quickly spread in his neighborhood and throughout the neighborhood. He opened a production facility and people like me heard about this product. As I began to see the good results and the durability of this plant based water soluble item I got more interested. Since I have actually had the business as well as today re-staining can be the most costly part of the maintenance.

Natures Armor is an environmentally safe, expert grade natural plant based water-reducible oil finish that has been formulated to counteract the degeneration process of wood surfaces by utilizing natural plant oils and resins, which adhere to; penetrates and renews wood surfaces, developing dimensional stability through a procedure called molecular bond.

Since the fulfillment was so wonderful American Log and Lumber opted to buy the company and make it more excess able to anyone desiring a natural quality product on their house.

You have had this company for a very long time, what are some of the most significant modifications you’ve seen in log house building vs. 10 or 20 years ago?

Log homes are no longer dark and dreary, with the open flooring strategies they are much more family friendly, useful, producing that one of a kind “cozy and relaxing feeling”, only a log home can offer. Log residences were rustic in nature back then but much better design and production practices have opened the door for much even more modern log houses that we see today. We call this new style Hybrid; because it makes use of the extremely finest of timber framing, log and stone to create a one of a kind house with much more eye appeal and character, while maintaining the energy reliable qualities of strong log.

This is an extremely competitive company, why should people purchase from over its competitors?

While there are numerous quality well developed log residence business, none offer the overall plan of service, product availability and material American does under one roofing or at the wholesale costs provided by We work incredibly tough to guarantee our customers are 100 % satisfied. It is very important to comprehend and understand exactly what our clients wants and needs are and it is extremely essential that the demands of our customers are translated from paper to manufacturing; that my friends is exactly what makes dreams come true!

Your company appears to be involved in all elements of log house manufacturing and construction, exist any other services you offer?

There are many elements to bring back a log estate, often as basic as re-staining, however there are times where we have to replace logs. The technique is make the replacement logs look simply like the initial logs.

Property owners commonly do not understand the little basic actions they could take in keeping their estate looking as good as the day it was built. I create a customized check list for each consumer and do a walk around the estate explaining things to expect. We then send e-mail suggestions to our customers reminding them to do something about it. We then have a service that provides our customers an opportunity to have us return once a year to cleanse the estate.

Log homes are no longer dark and gloomy, with the open floor plans they are much more household friendly, functional, producing that one of a kind “cozy and cozy feeling”, just a log estate could provide. Log houses were rustic in nature back then however much better design and production practices have actually opened the door for much more contemporary log estates that we see today. We call this brand-new style Hybrid; since it makes use of the very finest of timber framing, log and stone to develop a one of a kind estate with much more eye appeal and character, while keeping the energy reliable qualities of strong log.


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American Logs and Lumber

Tom, I’m so pleased that was your first concern! As a wholesale business we comprehend many people will associate the word “wholesale”, with little to no service, that’s just not true with American Log and Lumber. We pride ourselves on full service, before and after the sale.

Having the business personally for over 30 years I have actually discovered a thing or 2 from my consumers. They want service primary and item adaptability that will satisfy or surpass their expectations. Numerous business are geared to accommodate one design or system, leaving lots of to settle since they think achieving their dream is simply not feasible within their spending plan.

American Log and Lumber was particularly formed to do both. We want to give the very best “FULL”, service readily available in the business today and offer the very best products offered for the client and the right items to fit the architectural design they select.

We have an Architect on personnel that has been creating log, timber, and bespoke design log homes for over forty years. We provide much more than a package deal of logs. We hold an abundance of re- claimed materials from brick, doors, heart yearn, cypress and much, much more.

We take pride in all of our services but building is by far the most important aspect of making the concept a reality for our customers. Because American can be your log and wood home specialist, designer and company, it gives us a BIG benefit over many of our competitors and that provides our customers a big benefit, and saves them potentially thousands in added product and labor cost.

On your internet site you discuss Lawson Cypress, which is not a common wood used in log houses; can you inform us more about it?

Just like any wood product there are cons and pros; seaside cypress has decay and bug resistance, however it splinters and is somewhat unsteady, yellow want is the strongest of pines, has a lovely grain but again is unstable. Western Red Cedar is an excellent rot and bug resistant material however can be a little too dark for interior use for some. Lawson Cypress does have one drawback, it only grows in Northern California and southern Oregon making this wood somewhat unusual and tough to get. We have a good supply originating from the only mill that mills it from the only stand in the entire world that is select cut each year. While this product is a bit more pricey than your typical material, it ranks favorably with various other cedars and seaside cypress however is much stronger and much more steady, making Lawson Cypress well worth the financial investment.

Lawson’s Cypress is among the great choices for your house logs. It has a great reputation for stability and sturdiness and should be a first choice for those residences being built in the south central states. Its credibility for decay resistance makes it more than a positive types to consider in any of our humid environments.

A Reputation for Strength

Ranked strongest amongst all sorts of Cypress, Lawson’s Cypress generally referred to as Harbor Orford Cedar (POC) has made a reputation for its strength and decay-resistance. This decay resistance is because of normally occurring oils in the wood. POC has actually historically been the favored wood for developing boats and Japanese sacred holy places. Today POC is optimal for flooring, interior woodwork, furniture, door construction and fence posts (its heartwood has an in- ground life of 20-25 years). POC has even been made use of to develop the arena seats at the world-famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, park benches at Yosemite National forest and for developing America’s Cup luxury yachts.

Rough Sawn Timbers

It’s easy. Strength, resilience and natural decay-resistance make POC the ideal wood for our Rough Sawn Timbers, where beauty and structural stability are important in both outdoor and in the house uses.

Perk up An Interior

POC is a lightly colored wood, enabling it to accept blemishes well. And with a fine texture, straight grain, and pleasurable lemony fresh scent, it’s an outstanding option for interior woodwork.

Perfect for Outsides

Our Look Plus decking made from POC is not only strong, it’s safe for children. Unlike green treated material In addition to chemical-free decay deterrence, its texture stays hassle-free without raised grain or slivering, and its longevity makes it optimal for use in high- traffic outdoor websites.

Exactly what about floor plans? Do you have your own collection for your clients to pore over and can you customize plans for individuals?

We presently have actually around fifteen published thinking of our internet site but I have hundreds within our archives. We normally deal with custom-made strategies and seldom construct from our published basic plans; those are mainly olded as concepts, or a base to begin our new design from. We could either altar among our strategies, go back to square one or produce a strategy utilizing our customers junk book of ideas.

American Log and Lumber can produce basically any log profile and corner style; do you have a favorite any why?

Tom, that’s a loaded question. As a maker and builder, I like logs and rustic construction in almost any style and form. If we are mentioning efficiency and simplicity of build then we would choose a “D”, log style with a butt and pass corner system. The simplicity of building lesser cost of log material makes this the best option in getting the biggest bang for your buck.

If strength is your driving force, then nothing beats a dovetail edge in a log. We developed one in Port Sulphur LA and the client called me after the last hurricane and informed me that his estate not only withstood the hurricane force winds and weather condition however that he could not even feel the walls relocate !! Now that’s a proof to engineering, building, design, and the dovetail log which inter-locks each log together.

If general charm is your objective, then I like the Swedish Cope log for total style. Numerous of the corner styles and log profiles could be intermingled, so it’s important that we cover this in detail during the design process.

As a wholesale business we understand numerous people will associate the word “wholesale”, with little to no service, that’s simply not real with American Log and Lumber. Lawson’s Cypress is one of the great selections for your residence logs. If we are talking of effectiveness and ease of build then we would go with a “D”, log style with a butt and pass corner system. The simplicity of building lower expense of log material makes this the best option in getting the most significant bang for your buck.

Many of the edge designs and log profiles can be intermingled, so it’s vital that we cover this in detail throughout the design procedure.

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Social Media Log Cabins

We’re addicted to the social networks craze and the era of technology. Our Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google+, and whatever various other social network you’re consist of in consumes our lives and leaves many of us removed from the actual globe. When you remove an individual from their comfort area and retreat to a remote cabin without electrical power or cable television, this is no more evident than. We took our children to check out among these cabins at the base of the Rocky Mountains last year. My spouse and I fretted about keeping the children occupied and pleased throughout these times, as we presumed we wouldn’t have phone signal or 3G connection. We brainstormed for a couple weeks thinking about all the tasks we might do without electronic devices or web, so here were a few of the our concepts when remaining in a cabin.

Last week, I viewed my son play Foosball– on his PlayStation 3. Have we because lost our desire to play games that are not digital? My spouse and I presumed none of this was readily available, so normally we thought of cabin activities that would not need any electronics.

Parlor game.
Jigsaw puzzle.
Games are a knee-jerk concept for having fun in a cabin. We selected three parlor game: Hint, Monopoly, and Chutes and Ladders. This way, we capture all various age. Monopoly could often be too competitive for certain scenarios, so we altered it up a bit by providing a more childish game (Chutes and Ladders) and a game for intermediate age groups (Clue). Cards are an additional easy-to-pack option. There are numerous games to play with cards relying on the mood and how many players want to play.

Truth or risk.
Crafts (make bracelets).
Chat, tell stories.
Games aren’t the only activities to partake in while staying in a cabin. If you are lucky enough to have electricity flowing to your cabin, plug in the jukebox or stereo and play some music. We’ve also really been into making cabin décor to spice up our second home.

Develop snow fort, snowman, snow slide, snow tunnels.
Get active (run, walk, play catch).
Discover/Study wildlife.
If staying somewhere over Christmas where it snows, build a snowman or construct a snow fort. The kids can all get into it and after finished building the family can engage in a snow fight or something. Make it a game; whoever can spot the first deer gets 4 points, the first to spot a rabbit gets 3, and the first to spot an eagle gets 8.

The terrific thing about cabin life is that it takes imagination. Keeping oneself occupied for the totality of the journey can be uncomfortable due to our overwhelming reliance on social media and technology. With a few great ideas, a cabin trip can be one of the most memorable experiences of the year.

We took our kids to visit one of these logcabins at the base of the Rocky Mountains last year. We brainstormed for a couple weeks thinking of all the activities we could do without electronics or internet, so here were a few of the our ideas when staying in a cabin.

My wife and I assumed none of this was available, so naturally we thought of cabin activities that would not require any electronics. Games aren’t the only activities to partake in while staying in a cabin. If you are lucky enough to have electricity flowing to your cabin, plug in the jukebox or stereo and play some music.

For all your log cabin requirements try

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Should I Treat Log Cabin Timbers Before Erecting


Should I treat all logs before construction beginnings? some advise from

Up for debate this, but in our viewpoint, modern timber preservatives saturate far enough into the grain to use your wood treatment after building is complete.
Exception to the Policy!
As always, an exception to the rule. There are specific components that as soon as fitted, you will not have access to all areas, these are predominantly roof trimmings and fascia boards. In the past installing these, it would be prudent to offer them a good application.
Go on and develop
OK, so all the required pre-treatment has actually been performed. Now get on and construct in the past the next heavy rain shower!

External Treatment
The develop is total, you pat yourself on the back, finish a favorite and get your paint brush out.
… or do you? … … The answer to this concern is “yes” if you appreciate sploshing liquid about. Because case get on your white overalls and begin painting, nevertheless … … Personally, I’m not that keen and like to speed up the task as finest I can. A lot of applications will permit you to use it using a coarse garden fence sprayer. This will conserve you hours, actually.
As soon as you have actually sprayed as much as possible there will be an element of “cutting in” with a paint brush. This is inevitable unless you do not mind clearing out overspray on windows and doors.
Be generous with the application, follow the producers recomendations as far as number of coats, but it is likely two coats will be required.
Exactly what Treatment to Use
Much like the selection you had when picking your cabin, there are a number of options as far as the treatment goes.
At the top of the tree (as far as expense goes) are Companys such as Sikkens and Sadolin. Both been around a long period of time and produce outstanding wood treatment products. Can be costly.
My very own choice is what I would call a “middle of the road” item, something similar to Spirit Based Cuprinol  and Not fence paint , preferably the oil based version. This is available in a number of useful tones, consisting of clear. I feel the oil based option has longevity over its H2O brother and although even more of a faff to clean up the tools after, it is worth the extra hassle.

Internal Treatment
Shall I or shan’t I?
It is a matter of opinion whether you must deal with the inside walls of your log cabin. Some enthuse about a clear varnish, others decking oil. My very own opinion, well, if I’m honest, my very own cabins have been left unattended without any harmful impact.
Whatever system or product you old to treat your cabin, make certain you provide it the time and attention it is worthy of. A good task now will help make sure many years of satisfaction from your yard structure.

In that case get on your white overalls and begin painting, nonetheless … … Personally, I’m not that keen and like to accelerate the job as best I can. At the top of the tree (as far as expense goes) are Companys such as Sikkens and Sadolin. Both been around a long time and produce excellent timber treatment items. My very own inclination is exactly what I would describe as a “middle of the road” product, something akin to Cuprinol dropped and fence preserver, ideally the oil based version. It is a matter of opinion whether you must deal with the inside walls of your log cabin.

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Erecting Twin Skin Log Cabins

Constructing your new cabin: Double Skin Twin Skin Log Cabins

Please note: Insulation can be installed into floors, walls and ceiling cavity as required.

Step 1

Carefully unpack cabin and check all components are present.

Step 2

Ensure base is level and square. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

Step 3

Lay out green tanalised bearers for floor to sit on as shown in supplied plans.

Step 4

If your new cabin has four walls, separate wall components into four individual stacks

corresponding with walls to avoid any unnecessary confusion later on!

Don’t forget to subdivide the stacks into internal and external walls!!

Step 5

Start constructing your new cabin.

Step 6

When base of window height is reached place spacer timbers into cavity either side of

window. Place window into position and carry on building using fixing plates to connect

internal and external wall to timer spacers. Use the same method for the doors also.

On the larger cabins there will be additional spacers along the walls.

Step 7

Build up to gable ends then place ready cut roof purlins into position and fix with parts


Step 8

Nail internal roofing boards into position following supplied plans.

Step 9

Install roof insulation if required.

Step 10

Fix external roofing boards.

Step 11

Fix fascia boards

Step 12

Fix roof covering. See our roof shingles fitting instructions.

Step 13

Fix floorboards into position with fixings supplied.

Step 14

Put kettle On – Have a brew

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Log Cabins in Ireland

An interesting brand-new log cabin advancement is occurring in Ireland and Norther Ireland.

The Log Cabin Company Ireland is offering customized created and constructed log cabins in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

They provide a wonderful variety of buildings which are best for residences, timber garages, Timber workshops, sheds, Timber Buildings and nearly any time of wooden structure you could imagine. They have a lot of experience and expertiese in wooden structure design a construction.

All of their structures are constructed utilizing the last and best techniques. Various styles of construct and complete are offered, all of which are talked about with the client to ensure the ideal building is made.

Whatever you want the structure for, your demands are carefully considered and the ideal design drawn. Fancy a three story home with a huge footprint? No problem. All constructed and completed in charming looking and smelling wood.

With appropriate care wood buildings will last a life time.

Even if a little building such as a workshop or garages is needed, The Log Cabin Company Ireland can fit that function very well.

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My Log Cabin Garage


Hi my name is Mr Farthing from Colchester I recently retired and really needed something to occupy my mind,I had been looking for a garage/log cabin for many years and it wasn’t until I retired I could afford to purchase a building.

I had been looking at many different designs and driving around many show sites until I called uk-logcabins the gentleman Matt said we have over 1000 buildings on display up and down the country he was actually relating to his customers that had brought a building. There was a lovely young couple not to far away from me that I went to see and I must say hearing first had from somebody who had already purchased from was reassuring they simply said great experience decent fitting team but only down fall was 5-6 week lead time,I could understand this as I didn’t want to purchase something that had been stored/laying around I wanted a fresh timber pack.

After this we needed to design a cabin that suited my needs as you can see in image the width was an issue,uk-logcabins sent there designer round the house and we spent 2 hours designing a cabin which was right for me. I decided on a 70mm thick 3.3 x 7.2m timber garage as I am work from there everyday and didn’t want to be cold in the winter months,It’s now up and built and giving me everything I require and more,Great cabin great price and more importantly a great service and after care network…..

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January Cabin Deliveries

January Cabin Deliveries  2013

A very wet start to this year you must agree. Apparently 2012 was the wettest year on record , every day towards the end of the year the News was showing flooded Towns and villages throughout UK.

The good news is – Our First full Tuck of cabins has just been delivered to our Midlands depot from Lithuania .

The Weather over there is really bad with snow just starting to block roads which causes real problems for our deliveries. This is the time of year we all hate in this industry , even when the trucks do get through in the Winter we have the problem of the Weather here in UK .

As soon a sit snows thats it ! Job stops in fact our whole country grinds to a halt . Who wants to go out in their back Garden apart from the kids when it snowing .

It still amazes me how many clients are still expecting us to erect their new cabin with 12 inches of snow on the Ground ? Really 100% some people expect us to move tones of snow before we could start to erect their cabin.

In 2010 we even have one old Guy who brought out a Hair Dryer to dry his clothes on his washing line , telling our lads the heat will also melt the snow  . I would have loved our lads to had a video with them it would have been a U Tube big hit !


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Why Log Cabins


Why Not log Cabins ?

Over the last 10 years out door living as we know it has expanded many many times in the UK  with every thing from BBQ , Garden Furniture for all year round use and much more .

I thought of even going to stay in a Caravan over night is an exciting prospect for some of us.

So imagine if you could do the very same in the comfort of your own home or grounds of  the local Friendly Farmer .

Even a simple day room would be a nice break from the mundane day to day of life’s problems.

Our range of  Interlocking Timber Log Cabins offer you a vest selection of alternatives , styles , sizes and timber thickness to suite all pockets . Our Bespoke service allows you to have a Taylor made building to your exact specification .

We offer every thing from a basic drop of at your front gate of a kit pack building all the way thought to a complete turn key package including base work , electrics , water , gutters and down pipes .I really is a simple as we can do as much or as little as you can afford .


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