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Log Cabins - New Designs for 2016

UK Log Cabins for Sale have new log cabins available on this page.

So now is the time for you to take a look at the various  cabin designs available and choose one that suits your needs.

Bespoke Log Cabins and Latest Designs

They all are made from the best quality timber and have double glazed doors and windows. They are all one room cabins which can be divided with ”room dividers” and turn your one room into two.  One for relaxing and one can be made into anything you like.  

An office, a storage room, even a playroom. Afterwards you can go back to having just one room again and the dividers are made of the best quality wood. All of these newly designed log cabins come with lean to sheds.

These new log cabins can be great for those relaxing times in the garden or out in the country where you can relax and just enjoy yourself. Remember during the summertime you will be out of doors most of the time and in the wintertime you can find a way to build in a fireplace or you may put in a pot belly stove and make your cabin warm and cosy. If you set up a one room cabin in your garden or somewhere on your property you can also convert it into an office. Set up your own business right from your own home and you won’t have the clutter of an office in your home nor will you have to find space inside your house. You’ll have the convenience of your own private space.

These new log cabins can also be great for extra storage space or perhaps when the in-laws or your own parent’s retire and they wouldn’t mind having their own place.

There are many things you can do with a one room cabin. If you have some property by a lake it will be a great place to vacation and relax. Most of them have front porches as well which are great for night-time star gazing. There is just something cosy and even romantic about a log cabin and nothing could smell better than timber.


Log Cabins For Sale

Even though log cabins have always been associated more with the American west and with Canada where there are plenty of trees available for timber they are now becoming more and more popular in the U.K. as well.

Everywhere in the world you can now see modern log cabins which are built for durability and have insulating warmth.

The other thing that people like about log cabins is that they are affordable and everyone enjoys getting back to the basics moving away from the traditional buildings which are made of mortar and brick and are so much more expensive.


Keep in mind that nowadays new log cabins are a combination of the very latest building technology. Carpenters provide excellent craftsmanship and of course modern materials are available for doors, windows, roofs and floors.

Roofs are better waterproofed than ever before and windows and doors insulated. The pioneers had none of this and their cabins were always the very crudest and living conditions were harsh. As you can see from the pictures today log cabins can be practically any size you want and can even be divided up for more room. They can be anything you want to imagine small sheds for the garden, larger ones for simple and comfortable living and even office space along with storage space.

New Log Cabins are preferred by most anyone who sees them but especially those who love timber.

They fit in anywhere because they have a most natural look and look like they belong in the garden, in the country and even in the forest. The great thing about log cabins is that their main component is a resource which is renewable – wood.

Wood is a material which lives and breathes along with nature and is environmentally friendly. You know how much a brick building stands out in an area which is surrounded by forests and fields. Just being in a log cabin you can smell the freshness of the wood and the feel of it is also desirable. When you look at a log cabin it just silently tells the tale of fine craftsmanship and it tells stories about nature and the natural elements.

Wood is a material which is alive and pulsating whereas rocks are not. Now a lot of people begin to notice that log cabins are springing up most anywhere. People in the U.K have discovered the pleasure of living in log cabins and they appreciate the simple design and the eye appealing look of log cabins. Now more than ever it is time to take a look at the great new designs offered for log cabins and purchasing one of your own.

It can be especially eye appealing if you have a large garden or property and there you set up a log cabin it is just very appealing and it shows that you have a heart for nature and natural beauty. If you have property by a lake what would look best, of course a log cabin.

People have always associated log cabins with fishing, hunting, hiking, and even camping. You can be sure that a log cabin of your own won’t disappoint and you can be sure that you will breathe much easier in a cabin made of natural material that comes right from the woods.

Imagine if you work from home would you rather be sitting in a regular room having only the open window for air or in a breathable log cabin with the smell of the freshness of wood surrounding you. Log cabins have long had a romantic appeal as well and it has now been made easy and affordable to make one of these log cabins your very own.

There are many new designs to choose from and they are all of the finest quality. 


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A very Unique yet practical Cabin Avalavle with a selection of up grades and options . The building priced above is a 44mm Single Skin building , fully double glazed The prices are only as a guide and wil be individually priced according to your needs. The building is supplied in Kitt form for self erecting at the prices quoted. We do offer and erecting service and once again the prices quoted are a guide only as the price WILL change according to location , ground conditions and many other factors.    Delivery Infomation  We also stock a wide variety of UK Log Cabins For Sale and other Planning Exempt Cabins such as Cheap Log Cabins, Residential Log Cabins, Summer Houses, Timber Garages.     ..